Flexible Toilet Brush With Holder Wall-Mounted

Vendor : Homazing
PKR 749.00
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Efficient brush
Durable brush
Quick drying
Save space
Without punching
Efficient brush:Ergonomically designed non-slip handle, comfortable hand feeling. The brush head is made of soft, flexible and strong bristles, which can be deeply and easily brushed to every part of the brush head for more thorough cleaning.

Durable brush:The brush is corrosion-resistant and durable. The classic wall-mounted silicone elastic toilet brush with simple appearance can be used in any style of bathroom.

Quick drying:The wall-mounted silicone retractable toilet brush is waterproof, which can make it dry quickly to prevent accumulation. It can be easily cleaned at any time to keep the brush odorless.

save space:The wall-mounted silicone retractable toilet Brus is equipped with a sturdy and neat storage shelf. Takes up minimal space in the bathroom and makes it look more modern.

Without punching:The wall-mounted silicone retractable toilet brush is easy to install. After use, the waterproof glue allows the brush to hang down to drain the water. No drilling is required to make it a wall-friendly product.