PediaSure Triplesure System, Vanilla Flavour, 400g

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  • Nutritionally formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition to children aged from 2-10 years
  • An advanced formula with triple sure system blended with a unique carbohydrate base
  • Added with healthy bacteria to improve the gut health of children

Meiji Big Vanilla Powder 400 gm is an ideal growing up formula developed for children aged 1 year and older to make shift-over from breast milk easy. This high-quality formula is packed with essential nutrients to fuel your child's body with energy and health in the rapid growth phase. Enriched with calcium and adequate amounts of vitamin D, it promotes the formation of teeth and bones. It is fortified with DHA, omega-3 acid, taurine, B-carotene, iron, and protein to set the foundation of your child's healthy development.

Made with a natural, refreshing, and delicious vanilla flavor that kids never get tired of, this milk powder is bound to become your child's favorite!

Gender Unisex
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Brand Mothercare
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