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Replacing these soft diffuser tongues with something better, our flowers can act as perfect indoor diffusers, attracting the smell from the wick to the flower head, and then evaporating into the atmosphere through the petals like a real flower. The flower head is fully opened manually and slightly "blooms" over time because it absorbs the smell of the petals, the flower becomes translucent and changes color or darkens due to the composition of the liquid used. The petals, the fragrance will pass to your hands, so if they touch your skin, wash them off.

Our beautiful single diffused flowers are available in different designs and two sizes. Our 8 cm diameter ordinary flowers are perfect for use with 125 ml perfume bottles and medium-sized rooms.

For flowers larger than 10 cm, you need a larger bottle and a large bottle with a 250 ml oil atomizer, because they absorb more liquid and are more suitable for smelling in a larger room or room.

Glass bottles and diffusion oil are sold separately. Click here to add a bottle of our luxurious perfume, or click here to add a beautiful glass diffuser bottle. For smaller rooms, you need subtle smells.

Our diffused flowers are very suitable as small gifts and company gifts