Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser & Holder

Vendor : Homazing
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  • Small and portable design,save place.
  • Can hold 5 toothbrush, and also can avoid the cross pollution.
  • Material: high quality ABS, powerful double-sided adhesive.
  • Eco-friend, strong sticky on wall no damaged, no mark.
Toothpaste Pump Dispenser Installation Procedure: 1.clean the surface of the wall to install suckers 2.Loosen screw nuts of the suckers 3.Put the suckers close each other onto the wall 4.Press the screw nuts of the suckers to force out air 5.Tighten the screw nuts 6.Put the dispenser body onto the suckers then press down to fix 7.Take off the toothpaste tube cover, insert toothpaste tube into the top hole of the dispenser, or rotate to insert 8.Put on the attached sucker for toothbrush holder onto the wall beyond the dispenser, then put on your toothbrush 9.Put toothbrush horizontally into the dispenser button 10.Push toothbrush several times, force out air and get out toothpaste at the same time 11.Push the button of the dispenser to get out a certain amount of toothpaste every time depends on personal needs.